Chiliz Price Recoils as JUV, Alpine, ATM, OG fan tokens slip

Chili’s The price leveled off on Monday as the Keefun token price plummeted. The CHZ token has been trading at $0.1297 for the past few days. The price is about 37% above the year’s low and about 26% above the March low.

Fan Token Price Recession

Chiliz is the leading platform in the blockchain industry. It is the only platform in the entertainment and sports industry. Its primary platform is known as Socios and helps people exchange his tokens for fans of the world’s biggest teams.

Chiliz also offers a smart contract platform that allows teams to build fan tokens. Today, data compiled by Fan Market Cap shows that there are 82 Fan Tokens with a combined market capitalization exceeding his $382 million.

Most of the time, Chiliz tends to do well when Fan Tokens are rising. Several fan tokens have performed well over the past few days, with OG’s token up over 257% of his. Other top fan tokens such as Manchester City and Alpine are up 16% and 51% respectively over the past seven days.

However, most of these tokens are the worst performers in the last 24 hours. OG’s price has seen him drop 20% in the last 24 hours, while Alpine, Arsenal, Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid have seen him drop double digits over the same period.

Another reason CHZ prices are struggling is the drop in overall volume over the past few days. Token volume jumped to a high of 319.85 million on April 8, the highest level since February 22.

Chiliz price prediction

so is it worth it buy chili’s? The daily chart shows that the CHZ price has been in a tight range for the past few days. The price is calibrated by the 50-day and 25-day moving averages. It has broken above the uptrend line that connects the lows since June last year. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has broken below the key level of 60.

Therefore, the token may stay in this range for some time and retest the uptrend line at $0.10. Our bearish view will be invalidated once he breaks out of $0.1432, which is a major resistance.

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