Chingari launches the first ever video-NFT marketplace

Chingari, the world’s fastest growing on-chain social app, has launched the first-ever video NFT marketplace called Creator Cuts. The Marketplace reinforces Chingari’s commitment to nurturing and promoting his creator economy.

Sumit Ghosh, co-founder and CEO of Chingari and GARI Token, said at the launch of the NFT Marketplace:

“At Chingari, enabling creators to engage effectively and authentically with their community has been a cornerstone of our success since our founding. We believe in the immense potential of the creator economy. , is fully committed to its growth and democratization.To this end, we constantly innovate our own programs and offerings on the cross-section of popular culture, ecosystem growth and business priorities, The introduction of Creator Cuts is one of our unique initiatives that allow creators and the community to not only form a deeper connection, but truly grow together.”

Creator Cuts is the first-ever Video NFT (V NFT) marketplace, enabling marquee videos from Chingari’s top creators to be created as Video NFTs.

How Creator Cut works

Not only does Creator Cuts provide unique financial and community engagement opportunities for creators, but the community owns their favorite creators’ exclusive artwork, allowing them to connect with their favorite creators and earn financial benefits. I will also be able to do it.

Buyers of Video NFTs earn 10% of daily earnings in GARI tokens that creators receive. This means that the revenue generated by the videos will be split between the NFT creators and the purchasers.

Chingari app creators can create videos and sell them on Creator Cut to increase their earnings. Each video is assigned a unique price depending on the creator’s activity on the Chinagri app.

Anyone can purchase minted video NFTs. Either Chinagri users or non-users.

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