Citadel Securities business development head to lead the new crypto venture firm

Citadel Securities‘Jamil Nazarali, Global Head of Business Development, Lead A joint venture aimed at increasing investors’ access to cryptography.

Venture companies are with Citadel Securities, an asset management company. Virtu Financial.. Venture companies will act like a crypto trading ecosystem and will be operational in late 2022 or early 2023. However, Nazarari will open a new position next week.

Peng Zhao, CEO of Citadel Securities, announced a new position for Nazarali, saying:

“Under Jamil’s leadership, this new market connects the best of the new cryptocurrencies with those that have proven to produce better results in traditional markets.”

Under Nazarari’s leadership, the new venture capital seeks to help institutional investors understand the ecosystem and gain confidence in the crypto market.

Launch venture capital in the bear market

Companies are determined but cautious when launching new venture capital in the current market conditions.

Both companies agree that the bear market is not the end of cryptography. The CEO of Virtu Finance said he didn’t have any particular opinion about cryptography and didn’t really need it. He said there was a strong demand for crypto, especially from the retail side. This is a strong sign enough for Virtu Finance to enter the crypto market.

Zhao, on the other hand, believes that the instability of the crypto market is not the result of changing demand for crypto. He argues that the lack of regulation poses risks to the crypto market. Regulations are expected in the near future, so Zhao thinks it’s okay to get into the field early on. He said:

“The challenges and risks associated with participating in today’s crypto market as a result of regulatory uncertainty, conflicts of interest, inconsistent asset custody, and inadequate counterparty screening.”

Virtu Finance and Citadel Securities are not the only companies that are bearish in investing in the crypto market. The twins of Winklebos, the founder of the crypto exchange Gemini, talked last month about increasing investment in start-ups shortly after the LUNA crash. Even if they admit that most of their investment can’t survive the winter, the twins expect significant profits from those who survive.

The best time to invest

Despite the dramatic impact of the bear market, some consider this to be the best time to invest in crypto.

According to Blockworks founder Jason Yanowitz, the bottom of the bear market is the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies. Yanowitz recently described the three stages of the bear market, saying that those that do not leave cryptocurrencies at this stage will be rewarded in the future.

He advised the community to remember why they started and said:

“If you are a company, do whatever it takes to get it done. If you are a builder, be interested. Look for other builders. With them Buidl. If you are an investor, yourself Write your dissertation. Bet on those who believe. “

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