Cloud’s Growth Hampered by Acquisition Struggles Finds GlobalDots

Board members and executive employees face challenges related to purchasing cloud, web and security solutions. In fact, only 8% of 200 respondents said otherwise. global dots‘ 2022 State of Innovation Adoption Research Report.

global dot is a cloud innovation organization. We tried to find the latest technology trends and innovative technology solutions used in DevOps, IT security, and engineering departments.

Organizations of all kinds are more dependent on technology than ever before. Constantly embracing innovation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to remain on par in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive digital environment.

In this environment, IT and security leaders are under pressure to demonstrate significant ROI from their technology investments. All the while, there must be a balance between operational excellence and business innovation. Due to current market realities, IT teams are understaffed. As a result, they suffer from a lack of time and expertise, making it even more difficult to meet these challenges.

“We live in an age of abundance when it comes to technical solutions for organizations.Yuval Laughlin

Challenges in Acquisition of Technology

An astronomical 92% of GlobalDots survey respondents reported challenges in obtaining new technology solutions, highlighting the complexities that go into the decision-making process. Additionally, approximately 34% of respondents said that the sheer number of options makes it difficult to determine the right solution. The report also revealed that 33% acknowledged that the time required to conduct research was another challenge in their decision.

This report explores how organizations find support in their purchasing decisions. Conferences, trade shows, and online events, at 52%, served as the top source of information for companies to make purchasing decisions.

Third-party solutions such as value-added resellers and consultancies ranked second with 48%. Approximately 54% of respondents reported already using a third party to purchase, implement or support their solution. This highlights the value provided by dedicated professionals with deep knowledge of all solutions across a wide range of IT disciplines.

Implementing cloud solutions

Respondents were recruited through a global B2B survey panel with 66% from the EU, 24% from the UK and 10% from the US. His 32% of respondents came from the software and games industry. The rest were from various industries such as healthcare, telecommunications and banking.

1,000+ global companies including industry leaders such as Lufthansa, playtika, AppsFlyer, Wicks When PayPal, trust GlobalDots as your cloud innovation partner. As a result, it is strongly tied to cloud and web technologies. Through comprehensive and customizable solutions, GlobalDots provides businesses with professional services and technology. Analyze technical gaps in parallel with internal operations.

“Innovation is a fundamental part of today’s business culture. Our report uncovers and details the most pressing technology challenges facing businesses today.” Yuval LaughlinCEO of GlobalDots.

“We live in an age of abundance when it comes to technology solutions for organizations. This makes it very difficult to research and purchase the right solution for your organization. We are experts in helping companies that feel overwhelmed with all the solutions available and working with them to find the best solutions for their entire tech stack.”

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