ConsenSys updates policy to collect IP addresses from MetaMask

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Updated by MetaMas developer ConsenSys privacy policy On November 24th, we will start tracking IP and Ethereum addresses when MetaMask users submit transactions.

This update applies to users using Infura as a remote procedure call (RPC) provider for MetaMask. Infura is a ConsenSys affiliate and is set as his default RPC provider on all his MetaMask wallets.

This update also informs users that if they change their RPC from Infura to another provider, data will no longer be collected by ConsenSys. Any information collection policies enforced by the selected RPC provider still apply. The updated ConsenSys Privacy Policy states:

When using Infura as the default RPC provider in MetaMask, Infura collects IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses when sending transactions.

However, neither Infura nor MetaMask collect IP addresses or Ethereum wallet addresses if you use your own Ethereum node or a third-party RPC provider with MetaMask.

Other options

Crypto Detective @CryptoSnooper_ share News on his Twitter account said that users can switch to another wallet or change RPC providers to fend off the update.

Trust Wallet (TWT) recommended by CryptoSnooper or Rainbow As an alternative wallet provider that does not currently collect user data.

As a second option, the user can choose to change the RPC provider from Infura to another provider.crypto snooper recommended alchemy shared tutorial Describes how to change the RPC endpoint.

follow uniswap

ConsenSys’ decision to collect user data comes three days after decentralized exchange Uniswap revealed that it had begun collecting user on-chain data.

The exchange noted that it hopes to “make data-driven decisions that improve the user experience.” As the main reason behind this decision.

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