Cool Cats Rebrands to Recapture its Early Glory

when cool cat Coming out in late 2021, the project was one of the hottest projects at the time, garnering multi-million dollar sales. situation deteriorated rapidly. After months of turmoil, the project’s founders are looking to get things back on track by rebranding and helping Cool Cats regain top dog status.

The project has revealed in a tweet that it is rebranding as it prepares to expand beyond Ethereum. Essentially, it aims to provide support across a wide range of blockchain networks and bring interoperability to the cat empire.

Cool Cats airdrops and future plans

Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT holders can now receive Fracture NFT airdrops for free. Cool Cats co-founder and head of content Robert Mehew describes Fracture NFTs as follows: “A dynamic NFT that enables new storytelling experiences via digital collectibles.”

Fracture NFT owners can watch their Fracture NFT evolve as they complete various missions and journeys in it. “The World of Cooltopia” At the same time, earn rewards for their efforts. Additionally, the team also revealed that the Explorers NFT is coming later this year and will form part of a larger Cool Cats expansion.

Explorers NFT features customizable full-body avatars that can be used on various blockchain networks. Owners can also import them into various supported apps and platforms. The project hasn’t revealed much information about Explorer’s NFTs. However, those familiar with the matter claim that various layer 1 blockchains and layer 2 scaling networks can access it, even those that are incompatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

As mentioned earlier, Cool Cats is trying to regain its lost glory. At its peak in late 2021, the cheapest digital collection was priced at around 14 ETH. According to NFT Price Floor, the current floor price is 2 ETH. This is a drop of over 85%.

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