Crypto AI tokens struggle as Google chatbot ad campaign shows factual issues; stock falls 6%

Ever since the rise in popularity of ChatGPT since the release of OpenAI’s research beta late last year, crypto AI tokens have been gaining momentum with profits of over 200% monthly in some cases.

However, the resurgence in AI popularity may be waning after Google’s recently launched advertising campaign for Bard, its own AI chatbot, showed multiple successes. error of fact in the bot’s response. Shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet fell in pre-market trading on Feb. 8 after an ad for its new AI chatbot contained factual errors.

GOOG shares are up 24.9% year-to-date and are down 5% in pre-market trading on February 8. At the time of writing, GOOG continues to trade flat, with him down 6.26% on the day.

google share
Source: Trading View

The crypto AI industry seems to react to Google’s performance, with many top 10 projects down 5% or more. Outliers are The Graph and dKargo, which have outperformed this sector over the last 24 hours.

in the graph invested We specialize in AI technologies such as Semiotic, but our focus on optimizing and aggregating blockchain data sets us apart from other listings. Another outlier, dkargo, is also grounded in data optimization, integrating AI to enhance its ability to process data while focusing on the logistics of its supply chain.

AI token
AI token

zero hedge Identified The issue with Google’s ad campaign as video seemed to answer a prompt about the James Webb Space Telescope.

“What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) can you teach your 9-year-old?”

The response included information suggesting that JWST had taken the first photograph of a planet outside of Earth’s solar system. However, ZeroHedge has confirmed that this is inaccurate.

“The first picture of an exoplanet was taken in 2004 by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) and has been confirmed by NASA.”

As such, Google’s inability to indicate the exact version of ChatGPT’s competing technology raised concerns about the quality of the AI-generated information.

The NEAR protocol tweeted that “AI is #NEAR,” raising fears of an AI bubble, prompting an 11% surge in prices shortly after. Crypto projects related to AI technology seem to be doing quite well in 2023.

However, the near-term future of the cryptocurrency AI sector is in jeopardy as Google loses its appetite to enter the AI ​​chatbot space.

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