Crypto becomes second most widely-owned asset class for women: eToro survey

A recent study found that while traditional asset classes have failed to drive widespread adoption among women, cryptocurrencies appear to have succeeded in getting women on board.

Data sent to Cointelegraph by the eToro team highlight That cryptocurrency is now the second most widely owned asset class by women after cash. This is according to the results of eToro’s latest Retail Investor Beat, which surveyed nearly 10,000 global retail investors in 13 countries.

The survey results show a significant increase in cryptocurrency ownership among women. Data show that ownership increased from her 29% in Q3 2022 to his 34% in the last quarter. According to the eToro team, this suggests that cryptocurrencies are “successful where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed,” and that’s by bringing in more women.

Individual investors who owned cryptocurrencies in 2022 Source: eToro

While crypto adoption surged among women in the fourth quarter of 2022, ownership among men only increased by 1% over the same period.

Meanwhile, the total amount of global investors owning cryptocurrencies increased from 36% to 39% on a quarterly basis, even though cryptocurrencies were considered the worst asset class last year.

The data is driven not only by women jumping in, but also by older investors buying the decline. The 35-44 year-old and her 45-54-year-old retail investor holding cryptocurrencies are up 5% each, suggesting that older investors are also accumulating cryptocurrencies.

As to why more investors are entering cryptocurrencies, 37% of survey participants said they are taking advantage of the opportunity to get high returns, 34% believe in the power of blockchain, and 34% He said he believes currencies are a transformative asset class.

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Apart from individual investors expressing their faith in blockchain technology by investing, companies are starting to do the same. On January 12th, CasperLabs found that of the 603 companies that participated in the survey, 90% have some degree of blockchain deployment.