CurateDAO launches decentralized Pinterest-like data curations on Avalanche

CurateDAO has released a decentralized Pinterest-like data curation supported by incentives on the Avalanche blockchain. This integration brings CurateDAO’s curate-to-earn protocol capabilities to Avalanche.

Simply put, users will be able to build boards similar to Pinterest boards and earn AVAX tokens when others use them.

CurateDAO uses a Web2 application-like interface and integrates with Avalanche for low transaction fees and high throughput.

CurateDAO curate and earn protocol

The CurateDAO Curate to Earn Protocol Board is decentralized and uses smart contracts to share revenue between content creators and curators.

Users can access CurateDAO’s curated list of Metaverse Governance books, future snakes, Web3 apps, NYC bathroom codes, and more.

However, CurateDAO aims to expand its reach by moving to subnetting with the help of a Blizzard grant received from Avalanche.

According to CurateDAO founder Michael Fischer, CurateDAO is currently the best platform for helping users find the best content while rewarding data scouts and curators.

How CurateDAO works

Curators first create a curation and define guidelines for the information to be provided within the curation. Scouts follow set guidelines to find data for curation.

Scouts then bet some money on the curation, which is returned when the curation is accepted. It is the curator’s prerogative to accept or reject the curation offered.

Approved curation will generate revenue through affiliate links, backers, paid subscriptions, and advertising. Earned rewards are distributed between Scouts and Curators according to their contribution.

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