CZ denies claims that Binance is in ‘the pocket of the Chinese government’

Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao has responded to allegations that his company is owned by a secret Chinese agent, ‘Guangying Chen’, and owes allegiance to the Chinese government.

and blog post, CZ explained that he left China when he was 12 years old and then naturalized in Canada as a citizen. He said he founded Binance in 2017 after the Chinese government cracked down on his former company, Bijie Tech.

Peopleicity must not be a “scarlet letter”

CZ differenceSince its founding in 2017, Binance has become a globally diversified team.However, some components of The media still misunderstands it as a “Chinese company”.

He,Being an ethnically Chinese employee, or that he is ethnically Chinese, is not the same as being “secretly” “in the pocket of the Chinese government.”

CZ said:

“Binance has never been incorporated in China. Nor does it culturally operate like a Chinese company. We have subsidiaries in many countries…but China has We don’t have a legal entity, we don’t have a plan.”

he is h locationby birth and his ethnicity Don’t be the “scarlet letter” that follows him for the rest of his life.

“Neither should we give people the freedom to slander, make false claims, or question their loyalty to their country.”

Guangying does not own Binance

This blog post was created after a former Washington Post journalist questioned Binance executives.

“What is Chen Guan Yin?”

CZ continued to deal with situations related to Guangying’s role in the company. Guangying Chen is a Chinese who joined Binance in 2017 as his manager in the back office.

Foreigners like CZ cannot register companies in China under Chinese law, so Chen agreed to act as legal representative for Bijie Tech.

Chen is being harassed online as a Chinese covert operative simply because her name is on a Bijie Tech document. CZ said:

“Binance critics have jumped at the opportunity to spread conspiracy theories that Guangying is secretly the owner of Bijie Tech and possibly even Binance.”

he added:

“Guangying ‘does not own Binance, nor is she an undercover agent of the Chinese government.'”

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