Damus mobile app banned in China

Decentralized social network application Damus has been banned from operating in mainland China over concerns that the app contains illegal content in China.

The mobile app, a decentralized version of Twitter, went live on the AppStore on February 1 after numerous rejections.

In just 24 hours after launch, the mobile app has over 45,000 users, Second most popular Chinese social network.

But China’s Cyberspace Administration (CAC) has moved to curb that growth. delete App from the Chinese App Store. CAC claimed the Damus app contained illegal content in China.

In addition, Damas It is said to have violated the “Provisions for Security Evaluation of Internet-Based Information Services with Attribution or Public Opinion or Capable of Social Mobilization”.

Nostr-based social apps are designed to give users complete control over their data and content while eliminating the need for KYC processes.

This ban prevents users in mainland China from downloading and accessing the Damus mobile application. However, this app is available in app stores in other countries.

Meanwhile, Damus has seen sustained growth as an App Store. download Over 56,000.

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