Damus social platform hits 45K members on first day

Nostr based social media application DamasThe number of users exceeded 45,000 on the first day and continues to grow.

All new accounts are created as followers of the official Damus App page within the app. At the time of writing, the Damus page has a total of 45,454 followers.

Dams app official page
Dams app official page

The app had been ready for release for the past few months when it was finally approved for sale by the Apple Store on February 1st.

The Damus app team did not release official information about the number of accounts.However, the app’s official Twitter account claims that the app is It has entered About 10 hours after its release, it hit the top 10 of the Apple Store’s social networking charts.

This app is a version of decentralized Twitter where users have full control over their content and data.That code is accessible at Github After December 2022.

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