Dark web hitmen paid $60,000 BTC to kidnap estranged wife

Ronald Craig Ilg — 56, from Spokane, Washington — 96 months in prison He is in federal prison for paying over $60,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) to a dark web hitman.

Irg paid A hitman who attempted to kidnap and assault multiple victims, including his ex-wife, through an online scheme in which he enlisted the help of known hitmen.

Neonatologist turned criminal

Court records show that since early 2021, Ilg, who worked as a neonatologist, has sent dozens of messages under the alias “Scar215” and dumped more than $60,000 in BTC to further his nefarious conspiracy. Turns out it was sent.

During this time, the Irg directed the alleged hitmen to raid another Spokane area. Physician — Victim designates:

“It should be a definite smash hit. You’re going to get both hands badly injured or you’ll break your hands.”

This initial plan allowed Ilg to $2,000 in BTC, then he became a hitman It shows the victim’s photo, address, links to other personal information useful in the crime, and court records.

In a series of follow-up messages, Ilg added: If this works, another, more complicated job awaits. A target with a completely different purpose. ”

Vanessa R. Waldref, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, said:

“This case shows how violent criminals can exploit cyberspace and cryptocurrencies to advance their criminal agendas.”

Bitcoin and Dark Web

This is not the first time BTC has been used to fund illicit activities.Late last year, the DOJ another press statement announced the seizure of a historic $3.36 billion worth of cryptocurrency associated with the Silk Road dark web portal owned by James Zhong.

Additionally, Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht, 38, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for his role in running a hidden service on the Tor network. This included facilitating the sale of drugs and other illegal products and services. This included a plan to use cryptocurrency to hire a hitman under the pseudonym “The Scary Pirate Roberts.”

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