Decentraland Debuts Nifty New ‘Set Home’ Feature

Pioneer of open world Decentralandhas introduced a nifty new “Home Settings” feature to the platform. Now, visitors to your virtual destination can set their own user-specific spawn coordinates and arrive at their preferred location in style.

From now on, brave Metaverse adventurers can roam the land in search of destinations that speak to their souls. Then declare that area through an easy-to-use UI and set it as your destination of choice in Decentraland. Cozy meadows, virtual casinos, raging party venues and more.

To get it up and running, the user must move to desired locationThen select the dropdown menu just below the map in the top left corner. Now, simply turn on the Set Home switch to activate your new spawn point.

new “Home setting” function However, it exists purely at the browser or client level. This means Decentraland will not import your saved home data when you switch programs or devices. So basically each visitor to the platform has to set a new spawn point.

So head over to its latest Decentraland escape and try out the new features!

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