Decentraland Feels the Heat Amid Latest Media Witch Hunt

In recent weeks, the media witch hunt for Web3 and NFT has taken a brutal turn. Decentraland Stuck in the crosshairs of questionably interpreted statistics.

Earlier this month, NFT apocalypticists took note of the numbers provided by DappRadar’s excellent Web3 charts.As a result, tragically Low number of “users” DappRadar uses it to spearhead a Web3 mockery campaign to get to that number. DappRadar allows users to log in and make a deal within the platform. As such, it only records purchases made within his Decentraland using native $MANA tokens.

In practice, however, most visitors to Decentraland do not engage in transactions in the virtual world, and while the majority of purchases are made off-chain on Ether, many high-profile branding activities involve physical transactions. is not needed at all. Additionally, a large portion of its user base is associated with Decentral Games’ Ice Poker destination, which uses its own $ICE utility token.

According to Decentraland’s own data, the platform is approximately 6,999 unique users per day. So it shows a big disparity depending on the information you use. Overall, statistics have proven to be a useful tool for gauging interest in a platform, but they can still be misleading.

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