Decentralized social network Nostr launches mobile app ‘Damus’

Decentralized social network Nostr’s mobile application Damus launched on Google Play and AppStore on February 1, announced on the app’s Twitter account.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said the app Presentation posted and said it was an “open protocol milestone”.Dorsey had He previously donated Bitcoin (BTC) to the Nostr protocol and added his Nostr address to his Twitter bio.

sauce: Jack Dorsey

dams app It claims to be a user-controlled social network that functions similarly to Twitter. The app claims to give users complete control over their data. Protect all your messages with end-to-end encryption without the need for a KYC process.

The community has been waiting for approval of the Damus app for a long time. The app has announced multiple AppStore rejections and published all the feedback it received on Twitter. account.

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