Def Jam and Catalina Whale Mixer Launch NFT Band

In what’s becoming a music label trend, Def Jam has partnered with the Solana-based NFT project. catalina whale mixer, launch the virtual NFT band. The band will consist of whale avatars from the Solana-based profile picture (PFP) collection, according to an announcement made on February 7. Regarding music, “All Star Cast” of musicians and producers whose names have yet to be revealed. Additionally, Whale NFT holders can have a say in how the Whales band operates.

according to According to Carlo Fox, CEO of WAGMI Beach, the studio behind Catalina Whale Mixer, Whale NFT owners will also have the chance to feature their NFT avatars in the band through an upcoming audition process.

Fox also noted that his team’s experience in the entertainment industry “Get ready for these opportunities” for that community. So going forward, fans can expect upbeat, energetic music from the newly formed virtual band.

What inspired Def Jam and Catalina Whale Mixer to create a virtual NFT band?

As for his team’s inspiration for the virtual band, Fox cites popular non-NFT virtual band Gorillaz and legendary musician and producer Pharrell Williams, who is involved in the Doodles NFT project.

As of now, not much is known about the plans for the virtual band.However, WAGMI Beach co-founder Benjamin Willis said the band’s working album title was “Vibe Compilation”

Def Jam’s partnership with Catalina Whale mixers for NFT-based music reflects Kingship’s commitment. Another virtual band made up of Bored Ape Yacht Club avatars with the intention of releasing music in the Metaverse. Kingship is a product of the 10:22PM sub-label under the Universal Music Group (UMG). The label to which Def Jam Records belongs.

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