‘Degen’ season returns with feet NFTs, disappointing Game of Thrones NFTs and more

‘Degen’ season smells like pixelated feet

Feetpix.wtf’s newly launched non-fungible token (NFT) collection, ‘Feetpix’, appears to be taking the NFT community by storm as trading volumes soar, with some suggesting a revival of the ‘degen’ season. increase.

The Feetpix.wtf collection had the fifth highest trading volume on January 11th, surpassing Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and others. Recorded On the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Feetpix NFTs come in a variety of skin tones, nail colors, shoes and backgrounds. Image: Open Sea.

The project, which released 10,000 Feetpix NFT, traded Over 825 Ether (ETH) ($1,157,000) in nearly 18,000 transactions since its release on January 8th.

While crypto Twitter remains divided on what contributed to the spike in foot fetish NFT trading volume, Feetpix noted the absence of a roadmap, promise, and marketing scheme, stating, ‘Love’ is not just a legitimate digital art.

Several Twitter users highlighted the ridiculous short-term success of the project, suggesting a revival of the ‘degen szn’ (season) with high-risk NFT collection bulk trading at the peak of the 2021 bull market. .

However, even the creators themselves hinted that there could be something mentally wrong with collectors, with buyers “stop buying Feet Picks” and instead “spend that money on therapy.” I suggested

Game of Thrones NFTs: ‘The Worst I’ve Ever Seen’

The launch of Game of Thrones’ long-awaited “Build Your Realm” NFT collection received much criticism, despite it completely selling out in seven hours on NFT marketplace Nifty’s.

The collection was described as “the worst thing I’ve ever seen” by Loopify, the pseudonymous co-founder of Web3 game project Treeverse, on January 11th.

looping Said Their 200,000 Twitter followers revealed in another post that some avatars have “salad fingers.”

NFT aficionado Justin Taylor shared criticism with his nearly 60,000 Twitter followers that the launch lacked “creative vision” and was downright “awful.”

The first series of NFT collections came out of a collaboration between Nifty’s and NFT production company Daz 3D. Each NFT is created on Palm, an Ethereum-compatible sidechain that allows collectors to create their own realms and avatars.

It wasn’t surprising that the show sold out quickly due to its popularity, but many collectors reported problems with the casting process, along with widespread disappointment of the poorly designed avatars.

Yuga Labs Launches Skill-Based NFT Mint

Yuga Labs, the creative team behind BAYC, plans to expand the NFT ecosystem with the launch of a skill-based NFT game called “Dookey Dash.”

To participate, BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) owners must create a “sewer pass” on January 17th for the game to start on January 18th.

The goal of the game is to navigate the sewers, claim as many NFT rewards as possible, and get the best score until February 8th when the leaderboard freezes.

BAYC wrote: “Sewer Pass holders compete for the highest score and win new power supplies”

However, it is not clear what the prize will consist of, as Yuga said on the BAYC Twitter account that the prize will “evolve throughout 2023.”

The four-week Dookey Dash experiment also appears to be the first part of the narrative experience in the “It’s Alive!” segment. And “Chapter 1” is scheduled to proceed with “sewer closure” on February 8, according to On the roadmap set by Yuga.

Tennis Australia still play ball with NFTs

Tennis Australia has confirmed that it continues to invest in the NFT space by continuing the Australian Open (AO) Artball NFT collection it created last year as a way to engage NFT collectors and tennis enthusiasts.

Artball NFTs will help “leverage live match data to deepen global fan engagement beyond tournaments” through the digital realm. according to Go to the Artball site.

Last year’s collection sold 6,776 Australian Open artballs, and an additional 2,454 artballs will hit the market in time for the 2023 tournament. The 2023 tournament officially kicks off next Monday, January 16th in Melbourne.

According to the website, each Australian Open ArtBall is linked to live match data corresponding to a 17cm x 17cm plot on the court.

When any match winning shot reaches the collector’s plot, the NFT metadata will be updated in real time and the collector will be rewarded.

One of the special ArtBalls is Artball SuperSight, which enables a dedicated 360-degree front-row viewing tool, a 3D stats explorer, and a whole suite of “custom-built” personalized streams for members.

Collectors will also run to win 2 free tickets to an equivalent live match at AO24 if Artball scores a “match point” at AO23 and will be granted access to an “exclusive behind-the-scenes stream”. increase.

AO Artball holders can earn tickets to AO2024 by meeting certain conditions. Source: Australian Open Artball.io.

According to the AOmetaverse Twitter page, Artball creation is currently on a waiting list.

Other nifty news:

NFT platform Upshot has created a trading tool that scores and classifies wallets based on transaction success.

Blockchain security firm SlowMist has revealed that the “zero dollar buy” scam is the trick used by scammers to steal NFTs in 2022. Market at the price they decide.