Developers find bugs in 2 Ethereum clients’ mainnet merge updates

Two Ethereum clients, Nethermind and Go Ethereum, found a bug in a mainnet merge update.

ethereum developer Peter Siraj We first noticed the bug and announced via Twitter that Geth 1.10.22 (Promavess) contains the regression.

He added that this was likely one of the PRs (pull requests) that were “integrated into the new storage model/online pruner.”

This issue is still open at the time of writing, but the developers are actively working on a fix.

A subsequent update confirmed that this issue could result in data loss and database corruption for all users running this release. But “Data loss only occurs on shutdown.”

Nethermind Reveals Bug

Nethermind core developer DanielC also Confirmed A similar bug was found in the client mainnet merge update v1.14.0. But in their case they were able to fix it.

However, Ethereum has several other execution clients, so the bug is unlikely to stop the merge or delay it from happening on September 15th. However, it requires the validator to use his Geth to switch to other clients.

So far many of the execution clients such as Teku, Lighthouse, Besu, Erigon and Prysm have released new updates in preparation for the merge.

Sepolia testnet updated

Seporia completion First Ethereum testnet after merge update August 22nd.

This update was originally scheduled for August 17th, but was moved to August 22nd to allow offline validators to connect to the network.

The Sepolia testnet successfully integrated with the Beacon Chain on July 6th, becoming one of the first testnets to move to Proof of Stake.

According to the Ethereum community, every upgrade is important for a smooth PoS transition.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum Foundation has cleared some misconceptions about blockchain migration to PoS networks. Gas prices won’t be cheaper and transaction speeds won’t be “significantly faster,” according to the update.

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