Distributed EOA accounts coming to EVM chains

Intu — web3’s decentralized account management protocol designed to be more user-friendly — emerged from stealth mode and announced a beta release during ETHDenver Buidl week on February 24th.

Intu announced on February 20 that it has secured $2 million in pre-seed funding from prominent crypto industry players including CoinFund, Metaweb Ventures, Fantom Foundation, Kitefin, Orrick and angel investors.

The news comes as Intu’s beta release marks an important milestone in the company’s mission to further its goals of self-management and decentralization.

Intu aims to allow users to choose the degree of decentralization they desire within their local circle of trust. This is a key feature that the founders hope will make the beta appealing to decentralized application (dApp) developers.

Founded to provide a crypto wallet solution that provides developers with the tools to create decentralized, recoverable and self-sovereign web3 accounts, the platform is known as Decentralized Externally Owned Accounts (dEOA) accounts. use stuff

They combine the principles of self-sovereignty with the security of EOA and the composability of smart contract wallets.

This platform gives users access to software development kits (SDKs). This is a well-designed and elegant UX for onboarding web3 dApps or wallets. Developers can deploy various onboarding experiences and services to any web3 dApp or wallet using our easy-to-use SDK.

Intu co-founder Max Radelius said: “Our goal is to provide a solution that gives non-coiners the confidence to join web3 and provides a clear path to financial freedom.”

You can test the beta of Intu here: ETH Denver — From February 24th to March 5th, working models of EVM compatible chains will be available.

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