Doodles 2 Collection to Debut on Flow

popular NFT collection, doodlepresents the second set of the digital collection at flow blockchainDoodles is a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on the Ethereum network, featuring hundreds of hand-drawn characters with unique designs. The project is now set to start the Doodles 2 collection in Flow, a highly configurable Layer 1 protocol. According to Doodles CEO Julian Holguin, this is how the project works. “Unbox”

In a statement, Julian said the goals of the project were “Bridging physical and digital touchpoints in a new and fresh way, because at the heart of Doodles is our digital identity, our expression of ourselves, or ourselves that we can move with us wherever we are. because it is designed to look like

Doodles 2 is therefore a series of collectibles that allow owners to customize their Doodle NFTs through wearables. Holders can style your doodle with apparel, accessories, gadgets and more.Once done you can move this “Dynamic NFT Identity Across Social Media, IRL Experiences, and Other Integrations” It will be implemented later.

Why are the Doodles 2 Collectibles released on Flow Blockchain?

Doodles are everywhere, according to Julian, which is why partnering with Flow makes sense. Blockchain boasts powerful composability and fits well with his Doodles vision for digital identities. So Flow allows the user to keep her doodle. “Portable and interoperable across social platforms, live events, gaming worlds, streaming content, retail activation, and other imaginative moments.”

Once the Doodles 2 Collectible is released, Doodle NFT owners will be able to buy, sell and trade wearables on Gaia. This allows you to design your own collection that represents your individual identity.

The announcement excited the Doodle community. That comes just days after the company revealed it was acquiring animation studio Golden Wolf in pursuit of his Web3 conquest.

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