Doodles to Acquire the Golden Wolf Animation Studio

doodleWeb3’s leading brand is working to acquire Golden Wolf Animation Studios as part of its plans to expand the Web3 ecosystem. After the deal is finalized, the studio will work with Burnt Toast, an artist whose characters will form the basis of his Doodles NFT. The goal is to create content based on original stories. In this way, the Doodle character, its story and creativity are fully developed.

According to the press release I saw yesterday, the Golden Wolf team will be joining Doodles once everything is finalized. The result is expertise in animation, visual storytelling, and content creation.

The exact numbers involved are unknown as the deal is expected to close in the coming weeks. and we see it as an important move to accelerate the ambitious Web3 ecosystem.

What does this mean for Web3 branded top doodles?

So far, both sides seem happy with the deal. Doodles CEO Julian Holguin said: “We are thrilled to welcome the Golden Wolf team to Doodles. Web3 is empowering a new generation of collectibles, fandoms and consumer mindsets. This investment will help us create world-class content. It is a move that advances our strategic priority of leveraging technology to create new formats and ultimately spread joy to millions of people around the world.”

Golden Wolf CEO Ingi Erlingsson is similarly optimistic. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Burnt Toast and the rest of his Doodle team again. Therefore, he believes the partnership will unlock limitless potential for each business, and this should accelerate “their goal of redefining entertainment through compelling storytelling and worlds.” Doodles tapped into the studio’s talents to create a well-crafted ‘Doodles 2’ trailer.

As mentioned above, the Golden Wolf team will be on Doodles, but will be working independently on their own projects. Erlingsson joins Doodles as Chief Content Officer and brings a wealth of expertise from successful collaborations with Meta, Nike, Adidas, Disney, Adult Swim, Gatorade and more. He will also continue to oversee the operations of the Golden Wolf offices in New York and London.

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