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DPATthe first Web3 The crowdsourcing platform, which aims to connect investors to real estate and infrastructure opportunities in key African cities, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated new roadmap and revamped website.

Positioning itself as a bridge to emerging economies, the Ethereum-backed Web3 investment platform provides a say in who builds what for whom in a market believed to thrive. , will attract investors, crypto advocates and entrepreneurs alike. There just isn’t enough funding of the right kind.

The Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) project roadmap demonstrates its scope and permanence. We initially focused on 15 cities in 12 countries and established systems, processes and precedents. The project team reinvests the funds received to support the ongoing development of custom solutions, including seamless marketplace checkouts and simplified developer onboarding processes.

DPAT Project Leader Mustapha A said: “Feedback from the community is important to us and we have taken it into consideration. Renovating our site and processes is a sign of what’s to come.”

Beyond a new website built to facilitate navigation and access to project information, the Marketplace will also offer rewards and equity-based incentives to raise capital quickly at competitive prices with banks and banks. By providing NFTs, we enable developers to smoothly list their projects and engage with the community. other traditional lenders. To further demonstrate its support for the African real estate industry, DPAT will work closely with agents and developers in project cities to improve knowledge, simplicity and security through the implementation and integration of Web3 technology to improve current business models. Digitize and update.

The project is currently in the pre-sale stage and shortly after its completion in August, Direct Property Africa will roll out an NFT crowdsourcing marketplace and expand its core team. DPAT will first launch on Uniswap and will be listed on Tier 1 centralized exchanges in the coming weeks. With an ambitious roadmap, DPAT is on track to disrupt the way developers fund projects and communities access assets in Africa. At the same time, it introduces different aspects and images of this continent.

Direct Property Africa is a fractional ownership interest using asset-backed equity NFTs, including a crowdsourcing marketplace for local developers to finance projects in key African cities such as Cape Town, Lagos and Accra. Web3 is a real estate and infrastructure ecosystem. DPAT is a utility token in the Direct Property Africa ecosystem that provides rewards and privileges to its holders.

Find out more about the Direct Property Africa Token here. https://dpatoken.io/

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Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT)

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