Elon Musk Openly Challenges Twitter Bots, Trolls To Attack Him – Dogecoin (DOGE/USD)

twitter CEO Elon Musk I issued an open challenge to bots and trolls on the platform to “attack” him.

What happened: Musk posted two emojis representing bots and trolls in a Twitter thread on Sunday. The entrepreneur said, “Good, bots can’t swarm to the top of my replies right now!”

join the thread dogecoin Doge/US Dollar collaborator Billy Marcus He also said he did a test post and said, “Instead of seeing 50 bot replies [I] I saw only one. ”

“A lot of progress, a lot of hype,” Markus said in characteristic DOGE speech.

Earlier on Sunday, Markus asked Musk if all the bots were “dead,” and Musk replied “mostly.” Dogecoin’s co-creator posted a meme containing the text “Burn Them All” in response.

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Important reasons: Musk said Twitter will prosecute fraudsters anywhere on the planet.

As for trolls and bots, the billionaire said he plans to try other methods, but “will shut them down as soon as they show up.”

However, some Twitter users pointed out to Musk that bots and trolls still exist on the platform.

Before Musk took over Twitter, he said: Kill spambots or die! “

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