Ethereum developers deploy Shanghai upgrade ‘shadow fork’

Ethereum (ETH) core developers successfully launched the Shanghai update shadow fork on January 23rd.

Ethereum developer Marius van der Wyden Said The shadow fork was started with some issues because the configuration was not applied correctly to Go Ethereum (GETH), the Ethereum execution client.

However, once the fix was made, all nodes were in agreement. Van Der Wijden added that he and one of his developers, Potuz, “try to break it” to test for security flaws.

Shadow forks are part of a multi-step process that allows developers to run tests before creating a public testnet. Developers will use this test version to finalize their code and design, allowing for seamless mainnet upgrades.

shanghai upgrade

The Shanghai upgrade is the first significant upgrade Ethereum will receive since it completed its transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) network. Upgrading allows you to withdraw over 16 million staked Ethereum.

Other developments expected in the upgrade include lower gas prices for Layer 2 (L2) solutions and more efficient data storage and access.

The developer has set a March goal for the rollout of this upgrade.

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