Ethereum developers to include EOF implementation in Shanghai upgrade

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On December 8th, Ethereum (ETH) developers gathered for the 151st All Core Developers (ACD) Call. During the call, the developer decided to include five He Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) related to his EOF implementation in the Shanghai upgrade.

The ACD Call is a regular meeting where Ethereum developers discuss and coordinate changes to Ethereum’s protocol.

Implementing EOF is a major code change targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the core component of Ethereum that handles all transactions. This is the first significant change to EVM since its inception in 2015 and helps improve upgradability and introduces several other benefits.

However, the decision to include the EOF implementation with the withdrawal of staked ETH in Shanghai was subject to some conditions. First, if the Execution Layer (EL) client team does not implement and test his 5 EIPs by January 5, 2023, the code changes will be removed from the upgrade. With this update, staked ETH withdrawals will not be delayed by other code changes wrapped up in the Shanghai upgrade.

Most of the developers who answered the call wanted the retraction process to go as quickly as possible. However, as explained in a previous call, the developer is confident that by March 2023 the drawer and he will be able to enable three minor EIPs.

Therefore, the developers have agreed to stick to this timeline and remove EIPs not implemented in client releases by January 5, 2023. We have also decided to aim to launch a cross-client test network in late January 2023. For Shanghai by early February 2023.

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