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rideshare killer A horror/thriller feature film that explores some of the potential risks of using rideshare services The first “Full Frame Cast” (EFM) film. The producer has minted all his 119,170 frames of the feature film into individual his 1-of-1 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Approximately 120,000 individual NFTs were cast and rideshare killer It offers horror fans a unique way to support the film, own unique collectibles that may be appreciated in value, and become part of the film’s legacy.

As NFT space As it matures, more movies will make every frame into an NFT. Movies big and small can benefit from this. Massive movies like the Star Wars franchise already have dedicated fan bases eager to own a unique piece of the film. For smaller films, it’s a way for fans to directly support the career advancement of filmmakers.

“Over the next decade, NFT will change the landscape of independent cinema, providing fans with completely unique and potentially valuable collectibles, and sustaining momentum to enable artists to create more art. It provides a possible source of income,” says producer Tony Greenberg.

NFT tokens are listed on the official website (http://www.theridesharekiller.com/nfts/).

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, replaced, or divided, recorded on a blockchain and used to prove authenticity and ownership. In addition to digital collections like movie frames, it can be used to “tokenize” real-world tangible assets such as artwork and real estate. Transparency provided by blockchain technology.

For more information on how movies create frames of video into NFTs, follow up with Ashley Meyers at info@therightcast.com.

About Rideshare Killer

Produced by Tony Greenberg, Gavin Perity and Ashley Scott Myers. rideshare killeris a horror/thriller feature film and ridesharing service starring Academy Award-nominated actors Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables) and Tuesday Night (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4). I’m exploring some of the potential risks in using . Logline: New Ride Sharing A female CEO of her app must stop a serial killer who is using the app to lure her victims into his car. Before he destroys her company and annihilates her tech her team.

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