Female Founders Continued to Thrive in 2022, Despite Difficult Economic Conditions

Despite an increasingly challenging economic environment, women will start over 150,000 new companies in 2022. This number is more than double her number of companies founded by women in 2018.

First published in 2019 “Alison Rose review on female entrepreneurshipWe highlighted how women could add £250bn of new value to the UK economy if they started and scaled new businesses at the same speed as men. up to date ‘Rose Review Progress Report 2023‘ aims to provide the latest information on women entrepreneurs in the UK.

Alison Rose review on female entrepreneurship

This report HM Treasury and lead Alison Rose DBECEO nut west groupThe report aims to meet the government’s goal of increasing the number of women leaders by 50% by 2030.

Today, 190 financial services institutions have formally committed to increasing the chances of success for women entrepreneurs. Investing in Women CodeThe report highlights that this number increased by 56 from last year’s report. The code requires signatories to adopt best practices that benefit women entrepreneurs and share their performance data with governments. The Code backer now has over £1 trillion in assets under management.

The review also announced that NatWest aims to give women entrepreneurs the opportunity to access 3 million programs and direct support over the next three years. Last year, NatWest partners created her 800,000 opportunities to access support, including networking her events, mentorships and masterclasses.

The 2023 Rose Review also outlined its commitment to increase the pool of female angel investors from 14% to 30% of the total number of UK angels by 2030. Female Angel Investment Task Forceincluding such work women supporting women motion.

The biggest leap in new female-led companies was found by founders aged between 16 and 25, an increase of almost a quarter.

Supporting female founders
Alison Rose, CEO of NatWest on Alison Rose Review 2023
Alison Rose, CEO of NatWest

Alison Rose commented on the report’s findings:

“Across the UK, our partners have provided over 800,000 opportunities for women entrepreneurs to get the support they need to succeed.

“Next year, we will continue to secure renewed commitments from financial services institutions to make it easier for women-led companies to access critical capital, as well as deliver new initiatives to provide mentorship, guidance and inspiration to founders. By listening to entrepreneurs and acting on what they say, we help them grow their networks, secure funding, and reach their goals. “

Kevin Holinlake on Alison Rose Review 2023
Kevin Holinlake, Small Business Minister

Small Business Minister Kevin Holinlake I also reacted to the findings of the report. he said: He also saw a quarter increase in the number of businesses started by young people aged 16 to her 25, reaffirming that the UK is a place of opportunity for all.

“We fully support entrepreneurs and innovators with a wide range of support. startup loan The scheme recently approved 100,000 loans, with 40% of the awards going to women. Helping you grow: management This scheme provides business leaders with the skills they need to succeed. ”

of Helping you grow: management The scheme provides training to help small businesses increase productivity, capture investment opportunities and ultimately grow their business. Funded by the UK government, the scheme provides training. One-on-one support from a business mentor. Access to our alumni network and support in developing business growth plans.

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