Fighter Era Odyssey to Unleash the FEOVERSE

Fighter Era Odyssey (FEO) is gearing up for the launch of FEOVERSE, where top characters from the King of Fighters (KoF) will battle versions of themselves in alternate universes. These players have the same power, so they need something special to beat their opponents and advance to the next round.

With this in mind, FEO has come up with creative ways to gain an edge in the game. As such, the platform initiates his NFT that gives the character an edge, absorbing the power of his opponents and giving him the chance to claim the title of “Ultimate Fighting King”.

First, Mai Shiranui, a female ninja with exquisite movements and coquettish costumes. She’s a classic SNK character, starting this odyssey that takes place in 2077. Due to her time travel, her abilities have been dispersed throughout FEOVERSE. There is. This NFT also allows players to collect exclusive accessories that are key to unlocking prizes.

In all, Mai’s collection consists of 7,777 NFTs scattered in parallel spacetime.Players can try to collect her “Complete the Era Treasure Map with the 9 pieces that are NFTs. When you complete the mission, you can share 70% of the Era Token incentives. Of course, if you keep some pieces , you can also share the remaining 30% with other fighters.”

era mission

R-Epoch has 10 epochs corresponding to 10 NFT collections, each epoch linked to different rules and tasks. The first mission consists of three parts: Genesis Treasure Map, NFT Staking, and R-Epoch Gashapon.

In Genesis’ Treasure Map, players can collect fragments of Mai Shiranui’s treasure map. Whoever collects all 9 Fragments will get his complete NFT map and earn a portion of the Era Token incentive. That said, there are specific guidelines on how to collect the various map fragments.

In Part 2, players must stake their NFTs to participate in the final duel, where characters become more powerful with Kachosen NFTs. increase.

As for the final part, players will need to collect candies and open gashapon to get valuable props.

When will the Fighter Age Odyssey start casting?

NFT mining will begin on February 23rd. A whitelisted user will get the first dib at 1pm UTC+9, while the rest of the users will get a chance through public mints at 9pm UTC+9 on his same day. can.

Additionally, whitelisted users can create up to 2 NFTs for 0.04 ETH or $66, while the remaining users can only get 1 NFT for 0.05 ETH or $83. However, gamers needn’t worry. Join his official FEO Discord, “Be active and show great passion and love on your server.”

Holding these NFTs offers considerable perks such as joining the SNK community and priority purchases of NFTs from the next series. Stake NFTs for additional rewards or unlock exclusive experiences with FEOVERSE.

Users can immediately see a collection of other KoF characters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Ukyo Tachibana, and Rugal Bernstein. For more information on ERA missions and gameplay, visit gitbook here.

Learn more about Fighter Age Odyssey and prepare for the mint >> here

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