Filecoin Investors are Getting into Metacade

Cryptocurrencies are helping many investors make money big gains in recent yearsBut what about those who hesitated or learned too late about an investment opportunity and missed it? I believe that it has the potential to become one of the most powerful ciphers. So why are so many Filecoin holders considering moving from FIL to MCADE?

FIL holders are starting to invest in Metacade

file coin It is best described as a distributed storage network intended to store the information considered most valuable to mankind. Filecoin allows anyone to contribute storage space and store files. Security and authentication are among the most important features of this platform, and quite a few large companies are migrating to use the service.

But how does the FIL token perform in terms of investment potential? The price hovered around $5 after briefly surpassing $180. This decline is nothing new in the cryptocurrency world in 2022. Unwavering Confidence in Tokens And it has prompted FIL token holders to look elsewhere for better investment opportunities. Specifically, we are looking for investments that can sustain value over the long term.

This is why many of these people are looking to Metacade as a potential way to get higher returns than they received from FIL tokens. It’s a fresh start for more exciting prospects with higher revenue potential, so it’s easy to see why they’re eager to switch.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a new metaverse game project that brings a unique experience to Web3. The community-driven hub combines classic arcade games, play-and-earn, and an ecosystem where gamers, developers, and investors can work together to build a self-sustaining metaverse. Metacade has many ways to generate money through games that users and investors play and earn, competition, staking, advertising, and game-building initiatives.

in the center of Metacade is the MCADE token, which holders can stake, earn rewards, and spend within the Metacade ecosystem. A total of 1.4 billion virtual coins will be available in the pre-sale of tokens at the end of 2022. New investors are advised to buy tokens early as prices will increase in later stages from this starting can check out Pre-sale details now.

Is Metacade a good long term investment?

Cryptocurrency has already proven to be a successful method Diversification of investment portfolio We are now trying to avoid the impact of the crisis that is affecting traditional financial assets. Filecoin is one of many of these projects affected by the current price drop in the market, so it is wise to consider a project of this nature to serve as a long-term investment. And this is where Metacade stands out from the crowd.

Metacade should boost investor confidence, as many analysts believe the long-term future of the Internet is based on the Metaverse. With solid tokenomics, MCADE token With its promise to build its own Metaverse experience, Metacade is arguably the best cryptocurrency to buy now, given its potential for future growth.

Metacade outperforms Filecoin

Predicting future prices of cryptocurrencies is not easy, but in this case, MCADE tokens offer a better value than FIL coins. First, it is based on the gaming industry, metaverse, both industries that are expected to see significant growth in the next few years. On top of that, Metacade is laying the groundwork for the field by doing many new and innovative things.

It is important to consider that there is no exciting price history behind the FIL token. Metacade, on the other hand, is launching the token at a heavily discounted price during the pre-sale stage, so demand has been strong from the start, and he easily believes that he will carry this token to higher heights than the FIL currency has achieved. can do.

Metacade can make you lucky

If you invest in cryptocurrencies, choose a token you really trust. Many FIL token holders are looking for alternative investments due to the disappointing returns they have witnessed. Conversely, Metacade is poised to take off with her Web3, so anyone investing in MCADE is entitled to feel confident.

MCADE pre-sale has started and investors can now buy tokens. The price starts at $0.008 and increases in stages to a final listing price of $0.020. The pre-sale period is a total of 9 stages. We recommend joining early to get the best deals.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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