FinTech Scotland Chair Awarded OBE

Stephen Ingledew chairman fintech scotlandwas awarded an OBE on the New Year’s Honors list for its services to the UK Fintech sector.

Alongside other British ‘exporters, innovators and business leaders’, he is known for ‘outstanding service to international trade, investment and exports’.

Ingledew not only founded FinTech Scotland in 2018, Fintech nationwide network This will facilitate collaboration across fintech clusters in all regions of the UK.

Fintech Scotland Chairman Stephen Ingledew

He is also a member of the UK Government’s Business Innovation Forum and the Scottish Government’s Innovation Steering Group. In addition, he serves as Vice-President. Strathclyde University Court and non-executive director Smart Data Foundry.

During his 40-year career, Ingledew has previously held senior management positions in companies such as: standard life When Barclays.

of gong recognizes Ingeldew’s efforts to “make the world of finance more open, creative and inclusive through innovative initiatives and progressive ways of working.”

he said: It’s incredible to be recognized for something I’m passionate about. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the many people who have provided me with valuable support.

“Being at the center of financial innovation, shaping the economy of the future and breaking down barriers and divides across the UK is a great privilege, especially with new initiatives such as the Finance, Innovation and Technology Center and the Innovation Accelerator.”

Fintech in Scotland

There are over 140 fintech companies in Scotland. FinTech Scotland is an independent not-for-profit cluster organization founded in collaboration with the financial services sector, universities and Scottish companies. In August 2022, FinTech Scotland received the Silver Label for Excellence in Cluster Management by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

In 2022, the institution will publish the UK’s first research and innovation roadmap and host the UK.
The FinTech Symposium brings together the broader innovation ecosystem to foster collaboration.

It also boasts that Scottish financial services growth has outpaced London in recent years. 161,000 people work in finance and related professional services in the country.

I am also honored

Alison Rose CEO of nat west, I am a lady now. The first woman to head a major British bank, she was honored in recognition of her contributions to the financial services sector.

Mari Fernando Head of Digital Experience and Accessibility HSBC, I have received my OBE. He was recognized for his services to digital accessibility in banking.

Catherine McGuinnessMember of the City of London Council and most recently Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee, holds a CBE.

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