Former Meta and Pinterest Executive Joins Sequoia-Backed Decentralized Social as COO – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

After spending years developing category-defining technologies that power the infrastructure Sequoia backs, Deso Hiring Salil ShahA seasoned executive with experience in Meta and Pinterest to grow your business. The announcement follows his second straight month of over 120% month-over-month growth for the platform.

As the only Layer 1 blockchain capable of powering content-rich social applications, it has raised over $200 million in funding from Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase, CAA and others. Deso It was already set for success.

Now, with a seasoned senior executive like Shah on board, DeSo will accelerate its mission to reimagine the creator economy and expand the scope of web3 from just financial applications to creator-focused social applications and more. can do.

Shah’s motivation to join comes from his belief that DeSo has the potential to transform the creator economy. According to Shah,

“Empowering and supporting creators is a mission that I am deeply passionate about.” Shah also credits DeSo for building the first blockchain platform that allows social content to be stored directly on the chain. also mentions This gives creators more ownership, allows them to engage with their fans across platforms, and gives them the opportunity to build direct financial relationships with them.

“We are thrilled to join this incredible team and partner with Nader to build a business as the industry moves towards the next phase of the web-powered Creator Internet.3‘ he continues.

Shah joins DeSo founder Nader Al-Naji and complements Nader’s deep technical expertise with extensive business experience as a senior executive and business leader.

Driving emerging categories

Shah joins as the new category of “decentralized social” begins to show early signs of growth. DeSo recently saw his 120% growth month over month following his 160% growth last month.

“This growth is driven by the DeSo ecosystem. Hundreds of third party appsand now it’s taking hold,” says Al-Naji. for example, diamond When Desophie With novel monetization primitives such as Social Chips, Social NFTs, and Social Tokens, creators have earned over $20 million in the early days.

On the other hand, tools like Open Prosper, the social block explorer gives unparalleled insight into the ecosystem.And other novelty apps like pearlweb3 Instagram, NF Tsua decentralized NFT marketplace, and RoadFundraising tools like Social Kickstarter have launched and are maturing.

“The flywheel is starting to form,” says Al-Naji. “Now that the seeds of users and content are in place, developers are building apps like never before, which in turn drives usage and content growth in a virtuous cycle.”

DeSo was recently listed on Coinbase. With Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, the creator’s mission to reimagine his economy has never been more important. recent declaration Twitter should be an “open source protocol” and recent buy twitter By Elon Musk.

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