Founder of Goobers NFTs ‘completely broke’ after gambling away life savings, investor funds

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Founder of Twitch Streamer and Goobers NFT DNP3 He has long confessed that he went completely bankrupt after spending all his life’s savings and money he received from investors on gambling.

At the beginning of September 2021, DNP3 has started Guber’s NFT As a collection of 15,000 collectibles on Ethereum. So far, the collection has recorded sales of around 968 ETH (approximately $1.2 million). high seas data.

“I irresponsibly used investor funds, in addition to my own savings, to try and get my money back from the casino, which was very wrong for many reasons.”

According to the bankrupt NFT founder, he is currently completely broken financially and mentally. He added that DNP3 has already received support to start on the road to recovery.

He added that he will release more information about the “next steps” of the projects he belongs to, including Goobers, Gridcraft, CluCoin and Xenia.

Kurcoin (CLU) has fallen more than 70%, Guber’s NFT It has fallen more than 15% in the last 24 hours.

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