Friendsies NFT collection rug pulls, deactivates Twitter

Popular NFT collection Friendsies tweeted on February 15 that it was pausing development, citing “difficult” market conditions as the main reason for the hiatus.

“We had the best intentions of creating a true digital companion for the future,” the company tweeted. It is becoming increasingly difficult to proceed in a way that meets the standards of

according to friends website, an initiative aimed at creating 10,000 whimsical avatars. In March 2022, we partnered with auction house Christie’s to sell 9 Early Access Mint Passes to the collection on the secondary market OpenSea, allowing avid collectors to cast the rarest Friends.

Following the collection’s tweet, some users who inquired about the announcement found themselves blocked on Twitter. Shortly after, Friendies deleted their social media platform accounts.

Tweet from @HashbastardsNFT
Tweet from @HashbastardsNFT (Twitter)
Tweet by @zachxbt
Tweet by @zachxbt (Source: Twitter)

In response to @Zachxbt’s tweet, @ArkhamInterl replied:

Arkham Intel Tweet
Tweet by Arkham Intel (Source: Twitter)

Twitter users also pointed to Farokh, host of the Web3 program Rug Radio, and generative artist Jen Stark.

Prominent NFT influencers, including Rug Radio host Farokh, have been accused of being early supporters of the project, which reportedly made millions of dollars from the first sale.

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