ftNFT Debuts Dazzling New NFT Store in Dubai

NFT fans can now shop delicious non-fungibles in-store at Dubai’s new digital asset emporium.The Dubai NFT store in the Mall of the Emirates is sure to turn heads and open (digital) wallets .

The opening ceremony was attended by artists, celebrities, and a wide range of influencers.form a notable part of ftNFT A suite of Web3 offerings that aims to build a “community-centric NFT marketplace”.

First NFT store in UAE and MENA regions

The new NFT shop highlights the growing trend of physical Web3 retail space. The opening comes in April when British luxury department store Harvey Nichols launched his NFT store in Hong Kong. Then, in July, the Solana Foundation opened a high-end blockchain-themed boutique in New York. The space is “mainly Solana’s way of life However, the ftNFT Dubai store is leading the way as the first store in the UAE and MENA regions of the world.

Over the years, the region has grown into a global retail and shopping center. That’s why people fly out from all over the world to buy unique, high-quality brands. Therefore, to tap into this incredible market, the new store sits at the heart of the hub, offering customers a unique opportunity to purchase digital assets.

Around ftNFT “As an extension of the Fastex brand, the ftNFT shop offers a magical experience and a new product pipeline. It is made to be a gateway to

With 2023 just around the corner, let’s hope the NFT store in Dubai is just one of many to come.

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