Galois Capital admits over 50% of its capital was locked up in FTX

In discussions with Kevin Zho, co-founder of CoinDesk and Galois Capital, it was explained that an estimated $40 million in total funds are currently locked in FTX.

Crypto hedge fund Galois Capital famously predicted a Terra crash earlier this year, the collapse of the $60 billion stablecoin ecosystem that has catalyzed the current bear market.

At the mercy of the bankruptcy process, Galois (and all other FTX investors) may have to wait a while before they can access the funds.

Galois Capital, on record, actually acknowledged that “significant amounts of funds are lodged in FTX,” but did not employ “the Bahamian method of moving funds.”

In a letter to Galois investors, Mr. Zhou said it could take “several years” before the money starts to come back.

We will work tirelessly to maximize the likelihood of recovering stagnant capital by any means.

FTX does not back users’ holdings of funds on a 1:1 basis and FTX cannot facilitate withdrawal requests without relief of the relief capital.

Zhou concluded by explaining that Galois is currently considering whether to continue business as usual, become its own trading outlet or pursue an acquisition.

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