experiences slowdown in deposits and withdrawals due to node maintenance

Crypto exchange users are facing slow transaction deposits and withdrawals due to node maintenance by third-party cloud providers. according to Announced on December 18th. said the transaction was still being processed and claimed that user funds were safe. The company said:

“At the moment, we are monitoring the network connection status of our cloud service providers, and will process deposits and withdrawals as soon as the network connection is restored.”

It is unclear if the transaction delays are related to OKX’s outage caused by a hardware failure in the Hong Kong data center of major infrastructure provider Alibaba Cloud. As Cointelegraph reported, Alibaba’s cloud server he went offline on Dec. 17 and was unable to recover for more than 15 hours, during which time users were unable to withdraw and deposit funds.

OKX trading services have been re-launched hours later, but users on Twitter are still facing trading issues.

Alibaba’s cloud service was suspended days after the company announced I was developing my first blockchain node service. Scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2023, the service aims to make it easier for organizations to build blockchain applications.

According to Alibaba, the new platform-as-a-service solution will help developers by reducing operation and maintenance times. The company claimed that its infrastructure allows node hosts to actively monitor nodes and automatically switch over if they die. , developers are free to focus on product development and accelerate the pace of the product rollout process.”

Alibaba Cloud is the digital technology backbone of Alibaba Group. Earlier this month, the Avalanche blockchain partnered with Alibaba Cloud’s Node-as-a-Service initiative, Cointelegraph reported.