Get Ready for the Next 100x Opportunity With Metacade (MCADE)

The Metaverse industry has been bearing the brunt of the prolonged bearish crypto market conditions in 2022, with the value of several major Metaverse coins declining alarmingly. The good news is that several new metaverse projects are bucking the trend and showing strong performance.

One such newcomer to the metaverse industry is Metacade. Metacade aims to become the leading blockchain GameFi provider for virtual video game arcades within the next year. Their pre-sale performance has led to predictions that their MCADE token could next offer investors 100x his returns.

MCADE could be the buy of the year

Metacade has captured the imagination of GameFi fans and cryptocurrency investors before presales begin in November 2022. The MCADE token beta presale sold out within his three weeks of release, raising over $1.6 million in the process.

The value of the MCADE token is set to rise from a beta price of $0.008 through each phase of the pre-sale stage to $0.02 by the end of the ninth and final stage, giving bullish early investors a significant Returns are provided. Thousands have already flocked to his Metacade to maximize profits. MCADE will be published on the decentralized exchange (DEX) after the pre-sale ends.

Metacade charm white paper It shows the depth of planning for the platform, well beyond traditional P2E platforms. With these plans to deliver breakthroughs and ultimately lead to the transition to full-fledged, self-managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) by Q4 2024, experts believe Metacade We predict that it could be the next metaverse project that achieves 100x returns for investors. 2023.

How High Could MCADE Go in 2023?

The value of MCADE is already guaranteed to increase with each stage of the Metacade presale. MCADE is bittrex exchange The token price for global public consumption is $0.02, offering the best value in the Metaverse industry.

Metacade has a fixed supply of a total of 2 billion MCADE tokens. The increased exposure of the MCADE token on public exchanges, coupled with the momentum built in the token’s pre-sale, is expected to see the price skyrocket as demand increases significantly. Existing token holders who participated early in the pre-sale may hold onto their equity holdings in the hope that the price will skyrocket, leading to potentially rich profits.

With MCADE’s built-in utilities, thriving platform roadmap, and multi-tier capabilities, prices could exceed $1 in 2023. This could result in a 100x profit for the smart investor who took advantage of the undervalued pre-sale MCADE price.

What is Metacade?

Metacade uses Ethereum blockchain technology and cutting-edge Web3 development technology to build the Metaverse industry’s leading virtual video arcade. Arcade promises an evolving and ever-growing library of Play-to-Earn (P2E) titles, addicting the GameFi player, from classic arcade titles of yesteryear to brand new titles developed exclusively for his Metacade. Provides an opportunity to access the game.

Metacade’s other features set it apart from rival GameFi titles, adding several layers of depth rarely seen in the metaverse gaming industry. From the groundbreaking Metagrants initiative launching in Q3 2023, to several opportunities to earn additional passive income streams.

The transition to a full DAO will begin in Q2 2023 before handing over key roles, responsibilities and control of the multi-signature Treasury wallet to community members, before being completed by the end of 2024. By this point, the governance and future development of the platform is in the hands of the users.

how does that work?

The platform’s P2E element stands out, but it’s only one element of Metacade’s appeal. Users have additional routes to earn income through the Create2Earn, Compete2Earn, and Work2Earn schemes. MCADE token holders will be rewarded for social interactions with the platform, such as writing game reviews and sharing GameFi knowledge. Earn by staking tokens to participate in tournaments and prize draws, or by applying for her Web3 job opportunities posted on job boards starting Q1 2024.

These rewards, along with the brand new Metagrants program, will be entirely self-funded through multiple internal and revenue streams. These include access to paid titles, the sale of advertising space on the platform, and fees for external companies to post job advertisements and release their own game titles on Metacade.

Metacade: Driving GameFi Development

Through its Metagrants scheme, Metacade aims to lead the Metaverse industry in GameFi development. The program allows up-and-coming developers to submit proposals to receive funding to support the development of new, exclusive titles. MCADE token holders will vote on these proposals and the most successful ideas will receive funding to create new blockchain games.

Is Metacade worth the investment?

Metacade has already wowed the metaverse industry with its pre-sale performance. The beta phase sold out quickly, eliminating the opportunity to invest at the lowest possible value, but there is still room for excellent returns by investing now at the current $0.01 price.

The sooner investors purchase MCADE tokens, the more likely they are to reap profits of up to 100x as Metacade’s hype hits the open market. With a solid roadmap and future prospects, plus the momentum of a very strong pre-sale performance, Metacade’s outlook looks very good for his 2023 and beyond.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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