GOOD DEED focuses on connecting NFT and the music industry

GOOD DEED has established a trend as the first community in Asia to connect Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the music industry.

The GOOD DEED project has revealed that it intends to tap into and connect with the rapid growth of the music industry. NFTs Together with HIPHOP and REGGAE, we will create what could be the first NFT community in Asia.

According to a press release shared with Coinjournal, GOOD DEED revealed that the project is supported by Will Management, a Japanese marketing management firm that also builds marketing and branding strategies for its clients.

The team explained that the GOOD DEED project intends to create a community dedicated to spreading the good side of music to the world while introducing NFT, Web3 and DAO to the world.

The project hopes to use a movement born out of the music industry to make other minority industries better.

The GOOD DEED project says it is focused on building its own media channel. The team said it will use its connections in the music and crypto industries to promote and promote its friends and grow its community.

The team added:

“We will also partner with major PR media companies to become the best media outlet for HIP-HOP and REGGAE, which still lacks a strong media outlet. We will spread it.”

GOOD DEED said it also has GOOD DEED NFT, an NFT launched with the support of Japanese artists and clothing brands.

The team added that NFTs offer owners a range of benefits, including allowing them to own art, businesses, and more.

GOOD DEED added that the NFT will also act as a governance token, allowing clan members to be part of the decision-making process to improve the project.

Benefits of holding GOOD DEED NFTs include access to the GOOD DEED Fund, GOOD DEED Museum, GOOD DEED Media, GOOD DEED Tokens, Special Invitations, Special Deliveries, and more.

Will Management is a Japanese marketing company dedicated to supporting and designing marketing and branding strategies that best suit the needs of our clients. The company believes so strongly in the power of his CBC that he agreed to represent the GOOD DEED project.

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