Google Promoted Malware Leads to NFT God Hack

Anyone who owns an NFT has dealt with the fear of it being stolen in some way. One of the popular collectors who goes by the name ofNFT God‘ recently experienced exactly this ordeal, suffering a wallet hack after manipulating Google Ads search results.

The incident was revealed in a Twitter thread on January 15, 2023.

Details about theft

Most of us tend to trust and consider the links that appear in Google search results to be legitimate. This was the case with NFT God, who said he was trying to download OBS, a video streaming software.

His computer system was compromised after downloading the software from a sponsored Google link and running the .EXE file. As he explained, all his socials and his media were hacked and malicious messages were sent to Substack’s subscribers. Additionally, all of his NFTs and cryptocurrencies were stolen and he was smashed.

Despite this unfortunate incident, he states that he is trying to move on from the hack.

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