Helium developers propose migration to Solana

Blockchain-powered wireless network Helium (HNT) is considering moving to the new Solana (SOL) blockchain. suggestion Released on August 30th.

of HIP 70 proposal The move to Solana will give Helium access to Solana developer tools, applications and features, which will improve network operational efficiency.

This proposal aims to make three major changes:

  • Move Proof of Coverage (PoC) to Oracle.
  • Migrate data transfer accounting to Oracle.
  • Migrate the Helium network and all its tokens to the Solana blockchain.

Why Helium Wants to Move

The proposal argued that the increased use of the Helium network made data flow and accounting difficult to manage, creating inefficiencies and requiring migration.

By moving PoC and data transfer to Oracle, we can solve these problems, make the network more stable, and achieve higher scalability.

The developer added that the move to Solana was a good fit as it provides the scalable architecture Helium needs today.

Helium developers believe that the conditions to develop a layer 1 blockchain for their network no longer exist. The crypto ecosystem has matured and there are more Layer 1 options to build on.

What does helium give you?

According to the proposal, this transition will increase Helium adoption by making Helium part of a thriving developer ecosystem and leveraging its services for work.

Helium continued to benefit from Solana’s large open source community and access to more blockchain developers.

The proposal also states that the amount of HNT reward tokens sent to miners or node operators after the transition will increase by 6.85%.

On the other hand, if the proposal is passed, there is no timeline for when the transition will take place. The community will vote on proposals between September 12th and 18th.

Helium community smashes ideas

Members of the Helium community are bashing the idea of ​​migrating to Solana in the Proposal Discord channel.

Due to the recent failed Solana outage and recent wallet hacks in the ecosystem, many decided this move was a bad idea.

one of the community members, Asked How “Sol handles a million minor requests” and when “can’t even handle a decent mint for bots”.

Helium HIP 70 proposal
Source; helium discord channel

other community members Asked Some have suggested Cardano (ADA) and Cosmos (ATOM), which explains why the community was not given the choice to decide which layer 1 blockchain to move to.

Helium HIP proposal
Source: Helium Discord Channel

In response, Helium CEO Amir Haleem told community members, “Write another HIP with another proposal. This is ours.”

helium hip 70 proposal
Source: Helium Discord Channel
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