Here Is How Metacade (MCADE) Could Make You a Fortune

As turbulence subsides in a difficult year for cryptocurrencies in 2022, smart investors are already assessing the market for a golden opportunity to make staggering returns in 2023. It’s GameFi that shows the mold and future possibilities.

One project in particular is making waves with its innovative approach to Web3-powered games. Many people looking for the best gaming crypto projects to invest in for 2023 are drawn to this project. Metacade.

Metacade’s pre-sale is now underway and has attracted a lot of attention with its unparalleled success. The pre-sale of the project has seen an incredible amount in just 9 weeks as investors have done everything they can to secure future profits that seem inevitable by owning the project’s token, MCADE. has raised his $3.2 million.

Metacade – Doomed to Success?

Industry experts have stressed that gaming is one of the key areas to see dramatic and far-reaching changes with the advent of blockchain technology, with many big names already dip your toesMetacade is a project that demonstrates a clear understanding of the field and has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry.

The pre-sale, which is currently in Stage 2, has attracted a large group of private investors, and those evaluating the game crypto project are aware of the potential the project has after Metacade’s release. white papershows the vision of the project.

The price of the project’s token, MCADE, will start the pre-sale at just $0.008 and rise to $0.02 in nine stages. A seasoned investor believed that the token price would experience dramatic growth after the pre-sale and acted to acquire MCADE while the price remained heavily discounted.

How high will MCADE’s price rise?

At the intersection of the worlds of gaming and finance, GameFi is powered by Web3 technology and is set to grow significantly over the next few years. weather The CAGR over the next six years will exceed 30%.

This explosive increase in activity means that a horde of users will flood the space, and as the MCADE token is essential to the use of the Metacade platform, it is likely that the price of MCADE will rise significantly along with it. There is no doubt about that. passed.

In 2021, projects such as Axie Infinity (AXS) and Decentraland (MANA) have seen significant user numbers and interest, and several other game crypto projects have achieved some success. Axie Infinity has reached his $10 billion mark in 2021, the highest in market capitalization despite being completely new to the industry. This shows that there is a lot of room for growth.

If Metacade’s market cap grows to a similar size and Web3’s market cap doubles, MCADE’s price rises to a staggering $10 in light of investor-friendly tokenomics. .

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a project focused on building a huge community hub for gamers. It centers around a huge play-to-earn (P2E) arcade where gamers can earn money by playing their favorite games.

The project also features a lot of competitive and tournament play with substantial rewards. Contributions to the community are also rewarded with MCADE tokens, motivating all users towards growing and improving the ecosystem. You can receive it.

Staking is built into the platform to allow MCADE holders to earn passive income while supporting the project.

How does Metacade work?

The flagship P2E arcade is the main focus of the platform. This feature is complemented by a reward system to ensure that users are compensated for the time and effort they put into making the ecosystem the go-to place for all gamers.

The project is designed to be self-sufficient with several revenue streams, including advertising on the platform and a launchpad where developers can release their games. This foresight puts Metacade in a strong position because the project’s ability to sustain itself means that the focus of the Metacade team and community can be turned to growth.

Another exciting area Metacade is building is Metagrants. Meta-Grants allow experienced game developers to market their game ideas directly to the community, and MCADE holders can vote to decide which games to fund. This keeps Metacade’s arcades stocked with popular games, fosters community growth, and increases MCADE prices.

Is Metacade Worth Buying?

Available during presale, MCADE is selling very fast and with good reason. With the GameFi space predicted to see strong growth, coupled with the compelling vision of the Metacade ecosystem, it’s no surprise that Metacade is considered one of the best game crypto projects. No doubt anyone who purchases his MCADE at a discounted pre-sale price will likely have a great 2023.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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