Here’s When Cardano’s Ethereum Sidechain Testnet Might Be Expected: Details


According to officials blog post According to Cardano’s IOG, a public testnet for the EVM sidechain will be released in January 2023, allowing the community to deploy dApps, create smart contracts, and move tokens between test environment chains. .

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Sharing progress IOG said the EVM sidechain application is still under audit and will be available as a public testnet in late January 2023. for that possibility.

The EVM sidechain will be the first sidechain built and released by IOG to open up Cardano to Solidity developers. One of the main features of the EVM sidechain is its compatibility with Ethereum.

EVM sidechains will remain compatible with Ethereum. This is essential to ensure that EVM sidechains are interoperable with Ethereum and other tools and applications built on top of the network.

EVM sidechain users can access Ethereum developer tools from the Cardano ecosystem. This lowers the barrier to entry for Solidity developers looking to build on Cardano.

IOG Announces Toolkit for Custom Sidechains

cardano builder IOGs We announced a toolkit for developing custom sidechains for Cardano. The toolkit was revealed to have been used to build an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible sidechain public testnet as a proof of concept.

Decentralization and interoperability are key to the future of blockchain, but IOG says it is working on creating a toolkit for building a family of sidechains. The toolkit allows users to leverage her Cardano infrastructure to create mission-specific sidechains.

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