Here’s why the recent Solana outage took almost a day to resolve

Twitter user @DBCrypt0 I explained why Solana was down for nearly 20 hours over the weekend.

Solana uptime showed that the network was down on February 25th for 18 hours and 50 minutes. This was his first suspension in 2023.

Solana has a history of network outages, having endured 11 major and 3 minor outages in 2022. Downtime outages during this period ranged from 1 hour 15 minutes to 17 hours 7 minutes. The most recent outage was the longest in over a year.

@DBCrypt0Serious design flaw” The system stops. He also explained that he moved to Discord while validator communication was down, which could lead to longer downtime.

Solana’s design flaw

Solana employs an on-chain consensus model. In other words, network transactions consist of consensus communication between validators and the transactions themselves, such as token transfers and minting. According to @DBCrypt0 this inflates the trading volume.

The chart below shows a snapshot of the network’s transactions. The pink portion of the bar represents the actual transaction and the light blue portion represents the validator validation communication. @DBCrypt0 commented that having validator messages take up 90%-95% of the transaction is “crazy”.

“when you do #solana They say they’re doing 4K TPS, just know that less than 10% of actual transactions are on the network. ”

Solana transactions split by consensus and validator communication
sauce: @DBCrypt0 on

most of the trading volume Validator message, this “bog[s] Stop the system. ” And when the network goes down, the validators will not be able to talk to each other.ID @DBCrypt0.

In such cases, validators rely on Discord to decide what to do. The problem is that her two-thirds of validators must agree to the proposed action before the action can be taken.

“Then they need 66% of the validators and agree on a solution to recover, I believe.

Hedera called out

SolanaCreates a very large amount of data for full nodesBy operating an on-chain consensus model, @DBCrypt0 Said.

By bloating the history with unnecessary validator messages, he added that a Solana node would require a “data center” to be fully operational.

To conclude, @DBCrypt0 pointed out that Hedera also runs an on-chain consensus model and suffers from the same inherent bloat flaw as Solana.

sorry for breaking it all #HBAR Barians But most of the tx is unnecessary

just like they are #solana

$HBAR I can only do about 3-5 TPS on average. ”

On February 25, SOL suffered a 9% drop, but recovered by closing the next day’s candle above the previous day’s open. This indicates that the market has accepted Solana’s suspension as an expected action.

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