Hive Deploys Intel’s Bitcoin Chips, Earns Millions by Lowering Power Use

Cryptocurrency mining company Hive Blockchain Said We started deploying 5800 this week Intel Blockscale accelerator base The uniquely designed BuzzMiner mining system. To date, this is a large-scale deployment of Intel-powered mining machines. The company also revealed that he earned $3.15 million in December by using less electricity and mining fewer bitcoins. CoinDesk.

Hive constantly optimizes hardware to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption. Late last year, the company placed an order for production of 5800 of his Hive BuzzMiners. This is a uniquely designed cryptocurrency mining machine based on Intel’s Blockscale custom ASIC. So far, the company has received and installed 1,423 of these machines and has shipped 987 systems to Sweden, where they plan to install them by January 15th. The remaining systems will be tested and shipped by the end of this month. Additionally, Hive plans to replace older ASIC and GPU powered mining hardware with its own BuzzMiner machine. Meanwhile, Hive appears to be the biggest buyer of Intel’s Blockscale chips.

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