Hoskinson shuts down talk of ‘hush-hush culture’ over stalled Vasil upgrade

Input/Output (IO) CEO Charles Hoskinson Closing claim that Cardano operates in a “quiet culture”.

Hoskinson spoke out after developers Adam Dean The Vasil testnet is “catastrophically broken. ” in the meantime, Sebastien Guillemot Shedding light on his experience with corporate culture, Cardano developers said they were puzzled when talking about development roadblocks.

however, live stream Posted shortly after Dean’s tweet, Hoskinson said there was “unfair talk” over the testnet issue.

Cardano Founder Dismisses Notion of ‘Quiet Culture’

Specifically, Guillemot expressed dissatisfaction with the alleged “silent culture” surrounding his work on Vasil’s upgrade. The developer said that even suggesting the problem “leads to days of panic.”

His comment was a reply to a post by an Ethereum developer. Peter Sirajopenly admitted that the latest Guess 1.10.22 The release is “Balk”.

Responding to Guillemot, Hoskinson denied the existence of a “culture of silence” and accused developers of wanting to “kick dust for no apparent reason.”

The Cardano founder backed up his counter-argument by stating that open issues are listed on Github for all to see. Directional communication channels are also available via his Discord.he later Added Debating technical and quality assurance issues on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram “will serve no purpose and will only undermine progress,” he said.

Latest update ofcatastrophically “Broken” Vasyl Upgrade

Vasil’s upgrade has been postponed again to July 28th after three separate bugs were discovered. At the time, Hoskinson commented that his latest 1.35.3 version would likely survive the hard fork and upgrade to Vasil, adding that the upgrade rollout won’t take long.

However, on August 18th, Dean posted a tweet thread detailing that the Vasil testnet was “catastrophically broken.” The developer said the rushed delivery revealed incompatible forks and “lower chain density.”

Dean added that the 1.35.3 version is not compatible with most operators as they have upgraded to previous versions. Additionally, testing for 1.35.3 has been split due to the existence of multiple testnets for that software version.

Hoskinson said the bug had been known for “a long time” and the response was to “roll it back” to fix it. He added that “all of these issues have been resolved”, and the rigorous testing of version 1.35.3 gave the team a high degree of confidence that the code was stable.

So Hoskinson dismissed rumors that Vasil had quality problems.

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