How crypto is playing a role in increasing healthy human lifespans

This is the question that has fascinated scientists for decades: How can life expectancy be increased?

The field is known as longevity science, and experts argue that care in this industry that views aging as a normal but treatable disease is rare.

Some of the key principles governing this approach to medicine include therapeutics, personalized medicine, predictive diagnostics, and artificial intelligence. The goal is to eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” mentality of treatment and ensure that treatment is customized to each individual’s unique medical profile. This is important for many things, including the best ways to fight cancer, the foods we eat, and the risk of heart disease.

Predictive diagnostics offer existing methods to reveal better patient outcomes, but they often use large amounts of anonymized data to predict what happened in the past and what to expect in the future. It depends on determining how a higher level of success is achieved.

Oddly enough, there are similarities between cryptocurrencies and longevity science. This approach to healthcare can now be argued to be where digital assets were in 2013 — with cryptocurrency discussions limited to online message boards, niche group chats, and complex whitepapers. Longevity researchers are excitedly sharing their findings with one another, with cross-sector collaborations taking place. The experts want to make it possible for anyone interested in this nascent field to participate and contribute.

public education

As with the crypto industry, the big challenge facing longevity science is education, and I just want to explain this concept to the public. This is a journey that takes time, effort, money and patience.

For this reason, a dedicated event was set up to allow public forums to discuss this cutting-edge concept.of Longevity Investor Conference It will be held in Switzerland from September 28th to 30th. It is sponsored by Credit Suisse and tickets can be paid for in cryptocurrencies.

Hosted by Marc P. Bernegger. He is a founding partner of his Maximon, a Swiss company that invests in and builds companies focused on longevity. Barnegger researched Bitcoin in 2012 and told Cointelegraph:

Just part of the agenda includes exploring the scientific implications of longevity and how this will affect individuals around the world over the long term. There was also a discussion on how to foster investment in this fledgling space, which Bernegger said is a very interesting area for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The conference aims to build bridges, highlighting the key role that scientists play in enabling us all to benefit from longer lifespans and healthy retirement. While business opportunities are found, investors face challenges due to lack of scientific background. Similarly, bright minds often need an entrepreneurial perspective to bring genius concepts to market.

Barnegger added: “There are a lot of different perspectives – entrepreneurs, scientists, investors that bring in money. They all need a combination. The sector appreciates new players. The industry is still finding itself, it is now accessible and people are happy to help.

Why crypto is a good match

It is the scientific element that attracts early adopters of cryptocurrencies to the field. The reason is simple. Because many of these enthusiasts are forward-thinking, open-minded, and technology-driven.

Barnegger describes the early days of cryptocurrencies as follows:

In fact, blockchain technology also has the potential to power the quest to achieve longevity. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has already been established to fund research to support and commercialize therapeutics. This approach also ensures that donors can vote on the future direction of research projects.

A bear market has cast a long shadow over the crypto sector, but many in the industry are firmly in the “BUIDL” phase. They are using this opportunity to innovate, foster new products, and develop trends that will drive the next bull market. Longevity science is one of them. According to Barnegger, Pioneer knows that paying close attention to health is far more important than the token’s value.

We know that the rate of aging can be controlled to some extent by genetic pathways and biochemical processes. But there are many questions that must be answered and the dots must be connected in order to improve the quality of our lives and make them accessible to all in the coming decades.

According to the Longevity Investors Conference, attendees will be strictly limited to 100 hand-picked speakers and will benefit from the insights of over 30 outstanding speakers. A great opportunity to get to know the industry inside and out while building meaningful relationships with some of the best in the field.

Gstaad, one of Switzerland’s most exclusive mountain resorts, will be held in a “one-of-a-kind setting” within a luxurious 5-star hotel, attended and presented by world-class speakers. This includes members of the Longevity Science Foundation Visonary Board. The nonprofit recently partnered with The Giving Block to tap into a significant wave of crypto philanthropy.

If you want to know how to add years to your life, this might be the most important conference you’ve ever attended.

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