Human Factor Authentication is the Future suggests authID

Biometrics provider authID has launched a new human authentication platform, Verified 3.0, which aims to replace multi-factor authentication (MFA) and stop data breaches caused by human error.

Human Factor Authentication (HFA) is a key factor the new platform offers. It aims to tackle cyberattacks and the risks that prey on human error. Authentication ID‘s “verified” platform is a combination of passwordless authentication and biometrics.

Verizon’s2022 Data Breach Investigations Report‘, more than 82% of data breaches exploit the human element. Such data breaches are caused by cyber criminals relying on passwords and human error to succeed.

The platform aims to reduce the number of data breaches caused by this. Verified 3.0 will allow organizations to verify humans using devices by capturing selfies through the browser. . The platform plans to limit the risks of using passwords while still protecting corporate assets.

Verified 3.0 also claims to have various key features that improve the user experience over MFA systems. These include allowing users to log in without a password on any device. HFA is also aiming for a quick experience by allowing you to take a selfie and verify the individual in his 2-3 seconds.

The passwordless authentication technology of the platform is FIDO Alliance Must comply with the FIDO specification.

Jeremiah Mason, authID’s Senior Vice President of Products, spoke about the importance of enhancing the user experience and platform implementation. he said:

“HFA with Verified 3.0 enables any organization to build the best Zero Trust architecture for their employees and customers, connected by a biometric chain of trust.”

Why should MFA be left behind?

according to IBM report ‘Data Breach Report Cost 2022The average cost of a data breach ranged from $2.07 million to $10.1 million, depending on the industry. This marks healthcare as his highest cost industry for 12 consecutive years. Meanwhile, in the financial industry, each data breach cost an average of $5.97 million. Up $250,000 from 2021.

Validated HFAs seek to reduce or eliminate security gaps in employee and consumer applications. It aims to suspend access and privileges for unauthorized users by using both passwordless authentication and biometric certainty.

Tom TimotauthID CEO said:

“With the release of Verified 3.0, authID pioneered HFA, a human-centric authentication solution that addresses cyber risks that exploit human error. It helps manage resources, improves workforce productivity and reduces consumer friction.”

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