Human Protocol announce the launch of its Routing Protocol

The Human Protocol introduces a decentralized method for coordinating the decentralized job market.

HUMAN Protocol, a decentralized infrastructure project aimed at restructuring human working styles, will launch a new blockchain coordination layer on Wednesday, July 20th, to handle routing capabilities between third-party vendors that will enhance HUMAN Protocol jobs. Announced that it has launched.

A new blockchain layer called the routing protocol is on top of the existing HUMAN protocol. This is to enable key features such as network generator detection, pricing contracts, consensus job standards, and proof of balance.

Routing protocols also provide governance support for seamless consensus-based network upgrades.

According to the Human Protocol team, these features are at the core of the project’s mission to create a more decentralized, more human world.

The HUMAN protocol promotes globally mapped direct connections, bringing workers closer to work rewards, organizations closer to the workforce, and machines closer to understanding.

The team said the launch of the routing protocol was set up to accelerate the adoption of human protocols by making it easier for users to interact with network entities such as Exchange Oracle.

As an execution layer, routing protocols focus on coordination between actors who directly participate in the completion of work. In addition, this protocol allows network actors to extend the capabilities of their services while maintaining compatibility with standardized APIs.

Routing protocols eliminate restrictions within the system, thanks to the ability to coordinate third-party tool vendors such as Oracle, job exchanges, joblists and L1 integration of workpool operators.

The Human Protocol added that third parties can subscribe to and participate in routing protocols.

According to the team, routing protocol development is a community-led effort led by developers and designers across the HUMAN protocol ecosystem.

Ultimately, Human Networks wants to leverage the peer-to-peer consensus mechanism inherent in blockchain design to solve automated tasks that cannot be performed without the help of the first person.

The team believes that the Human Protocol is an ambitious project with work in progress remaining. Currently, various parts of the project are being prototyped by the community. The Human Protocol team has added it.

“As an open source project, the HUMAN protocol encourages everyone to participate in public repositories and provide ideas for ongoing development. To minimize duplicate effort, be clear. Open communication is also encouraged. “
Although routing protocols are still in their infancy, Human Protocol states that their design evolves over time as individual components are built and refined. After the foundation is established and certain milestones are achieved, the Human Protocol publishes a blueprint for technology through a white paper.

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