HyperPlay Ushers in a New Dawn for Web3 Gaming

After months of hype and anticipation, hyper play Web3 Game Launcher has been published. Besides being a game launcher, the app also acts as a store aggregator, providing access to the Epic Games and Good Old Games stores within its interface.

developed by the former meta mask Operations are led in collaboration with Game7, a Web3 gaming DAO, HyperPlay is now available on all major platforms and optimized for MetaMask users.According to its pseudonymous creator, his JacobC.eth, the tool is “It solves distribution problems and frees game developers from the risk of platform deprecation by monopolies such as Apple, Google and Steam.”

He continues, adding: “Unlike the Apple Store, we don’t cut developers’ in-game economies by 30%. We’re very developer loyal.”

This tool generates revenue by giving in exchange for receiving a portion of game sales and transactions. “Convenience function”. These features are provided within the app and are similar to how MetaMask generates revenue.

HyperPlay offers users many game titles

Game Launcher offers users many games such as DeFi Kingdoms, The Bornless, Voxie Tactics, Undead Block, and many other Web3 titles. Additionally, unencrypted games are also supported.

Gamers using any operating system today can take advantage of HyperPlay and enjoy its unique features. This applies to anyone using Windows, Mac, Steam Deck, or Linux. As mentioned, it is optimized for MetaMask, but works well with WalletConnect as well.

According to Jacob, the former leader of MetaMask, the launcher is “paint” An in-game MetaMask layer on top of the gameplay experience. This eliminates the need for users to minimize the game or switch windows to complete transactions. Additionally, they are passionate about security to prevent gamers from being exposed to compromised files.

“Disconnecting the key from the game.” Jacob said. “If the game is malicious, you don’t want your secret recovery phrase exposed in the game.”

So if one of the vetted games is compromised, you can rest assured that you are protected.

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